Advocacy Accomplishments

  • In 2017 Senate Bill 856 added patients in offices staffed by naturopathic physicians to the list of patients that can be treated by an expanded practice dental hygienist.
  • In 2017 Senate Bill 561 changed the supervision requirement for dental and dental hygiene students engaged in clinical studies from direct supervision to indirect supervision.
  • In Senate Bill 302 clarified that the practice of dentistry includes prescribing, dispensing and administering prescription drugs for purposes related to dentistry. Passage of this bill allowed the Oregon Board of Dentistry to amend their rules to allow dental hygienists to prescribe specified items.
  • In 2015 Senate Bill 738:
    1. changed the name “limited access” to “expanded practice”
    2. changed the education requirement for “Pathway 1” to 40 hours of continuing education in topics chosen by the applicant which are related to clinical dental hygiene or public health sponsored by continuing education providers approved by the Board
    3. allowed expanded practice dental hygienists who have a practice agreement with a licensed dentist to administer local anesthesia, apply temporary restorations, prescribe prophylactic antibiotics & non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and determine overall dental risk assessment & referral parameters
    4. required Oregon Board of Dentistry to collect data on use of expanded practice dental hygienists
    5. required dental insurance plans that cover services of a dentist to cover same services when provided by expanded practice dental hygienists
    6. added patients whose income is less than the federal poverty level and other populations that the board determines are underserved or lack access to dental hygiene services to the list of patients that can be treated by an expanded practice dental hygienist.
  • In 2013 Senate Bill 802 exempted dental hygiene education programs from naming an actively licensed dentist as their dental director.
  • In 2009 House Bill 3204:
    1. added patients in hospitals, medical clinics, medical offices or offices operated or staffed by nurse practitioners, physician assistants or midwives to the patients that can be treated by an expanded practice dental hygienist
    2. added exposing radiographs and providing denture soft relines to the procedures that may be performed by an expanded practice dental hygienist
    3. created “Pathway 2” that allows dental hygienists to apply for an expanded practice permit if they have completed a course of study approved by the board that includes at least 500 hours of dental hygiene practice, completed before or after graduation from a dental hygiene program, on patients described in ORS 680.205 while under direct supervision of faculty of CODA accredited dental or dental hygiene program.
  • In 2007 House Bill 2867 clarified that expanded practice dental hygienists can assess the need for and appropriateness of sealants or fluoride & may apply sealants or fluoride.
  • In 2007 the Oregon Board of Dentistry adopted OAR 818-035-0072 that allows dental hygienists with a Restorative Functions Endorsement (RFE) to place and finish amalgam and anterior composite restorations. In 2013, the OBD amended this rule by removing the word “anterior” to allow dental hygienists with the RFE to place posterior composites. In 2019, the OBD amended this rule to allow for the use of other restorative materials with the exception of gold foil.