Limited Access Permit Pathway 2 Application Created

In 2009 House Bill 3204 amended the Oregon Dental Practice Act by creating Pathway 2 that allows dental hygienists to apply for a limited access permit if they have completed a course of study approved by the board that includes at least 500 hours of dental hygiene practice, completed before or after graduation from a dental hygiene program, on limited access patients while under direct supervision of faculty of CODA accredited dental or dental hygiene program. Passage of this bill allows new graduates to apply for a limited access permit without completing any supervised clinical practice if they meet the Pathway 2 requirements. This bill as introduced would have required dental hygienists who are applying for a limited access permit to have a baccalaureate degree in dental or have completed 500 hours of supervised clinical practice. This bill was introduced at the request of the Oregon Dental Hygienists’ Association and the Oregon Rural Health Association.

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