Nuevas Son Risas is seeking hygienists to join their team for a one week trip to Guatemala


Nuevas Son Risas is seeking hygienists to join their team for a one week trip to Guatemala. For more information, please to to

This is a very interesting and engaged group from the Pacific Northwest.


ODHA seeking ORHA representative


ODHA is looking for a representative to serve on the Board of Directors for the Oregon Rural Health Association (

The Oregon Rural Health Association (ORHA) is a nonprofit organization whose primary goal is to improve the health of rural Oregonians. ORHA was founded in 1992 to build a stronger voice in Salem for all rural practitioners. Today ORHA is composed of individuals and organizations dedicated to providing leadership on rural health issues through advocacy, communication and education.

The ORHA was instrumental in passing the original LAP (now EPP) legislation that created a pathway for dental hygienists to provide dental hygiene services to underserved patients without the supervision of a dentist.

ODHA is an organizational member of ORHA, so ODHA is afforded a position on the ORHA Board of Directors.

The ODHA representative on the ORHA Board of Directors is expected to:

  • Attend quarterly meetings of the ORHA Board of Directors (January, April, July, October)
  • Attend the Annual Oregon Rural Health Conference
  • Provide reports to the ODHA Board of Directors

Preferred qualifications for this position include:

  • Membership in ODHA
  • Hold an expanded practice permit
  • Live and work in a rural area of Oregon
  • Work as a dental hygienist with underserved patients
  • Interest in advocating for improved health of rural Oregonians

The ODHA representative to the ORHA Board of Directors is appointed by the ODHA President with approval of the ODHA Board of Directors. This is a volunteer position with no remuneration and no reimbursement for expenses.

If you are interested in this position, please complete the attached form and email it to Lisa J. Rowley at [email protected].

Thank you for considering to leadership opportunity!


Restated Bylaws and Articles


ODHA Board of Trustees has been seeking guidance from legal counsel to review our bylaws and ensure they are in support of our new governance structure, our organization's mission, and following association best practices.

The Board of Trustees has recommended the following restated bylaws and articles as drafted by legal counsel.  These restated articles and bylaws will be voted on by the membership at the annual meeting on Friday, November 11, 2016, 12:00pm -2:00pm at the Oregon Dental Hygiene Conference.  Click here for more information on the conference and annual meeting.

An open conference call will be scheduled prior to the annual meeting.  At this conference call all interested members may ask the questions and share feedback on the new bylaws. Please check back for the specific date and time of that call. 

Click here to review the Restated Articles

Click here to review the Restated Bylaws

Click here for more information on ODHA's transformation

November 3, 2016 UPDATE:
As a result of the member meeting with Legal Counsel on November 2, 2016, some non-substantial updates have been made to the proposed bylaws.  Those changes are noted in blue in
 this document (click to view document)


Call for Leadership Nominations


ODHA is seeking passionate and engaged members to join the 2016-2017 ODHA leadership team.  With a new governance structure in place, ODHA has more opportunities than ever before to be involved.  No matter what your experience or location, we need you to help build our future together!  We want to hear your thoughts and work in partnership with you to guide our association and advance our profession.

The Nominating Committee is seeking interested candidates for both state and local leadership positions. If you are interested in leadership please fill out the new online candidate interest form.  Or, if you would like to nominate someone, please use the new online nomination form. 

Elections for state leaders and state representation will be held at the annual membership meeting on Friday, November 11, 2016 at the Oregon Dental Hygiene Conference.  The nomination committee will recommend a slate of candidates for the positions, however any member in good standing is eligible to run for a position. 

Elections for component leadership will be held at each component annual meeting on Saturday, November 12, 2016 at the Oregon Dental Hygiene Conference.  Any member in good standing may run for leadership position within the component they are a member of.

Please click here for full details about the new leadership structure, open positions and submission forms.

Open positions include:

State Leadership:

  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Component Director
  • Advocacy Director
  • Membership Director
  • Director At Large

State Representation:

  • ADHA Delegate
  • ADHA Alternate Delegate
  • Finance Committee Member

Other Leadership Opportunities

  • Committee Member
  • Local Component Leadership


2016 Dennis Muir Scholarship and Awards of Excellence Recipients


The Dennis Muir Scholarship Committee met Thursday, May 19th and reviewed nine applications from five programs.

It is always a very difficult choice, as there are many deserving students in our programs. The $1,500.00 Dennis Muir Scholarship will go to Hannah Wieber from Oregon Tech Dental Hygiene at ODS College of Dental Sciences. We also have identified the top applicant from the other four participating schools for a $50.00 Award of Excellence. All Awards will be presented to the students during the Oregon Dental Hygiene Conference.

Dennis Muir Scholarship Winner: 
Hannah Wieber, Oregon tech Dental Hygiene at ODS College of Dental Sciences                                                                   

Awards of Excellence Winners:     
Jennifer Muir, Oregon Tech/Klamath Falls
Colleen Bailey, Oregon Tech/CCC
Amy Bell, Pacific University
Nareen Hassan, PCC                                                          

We appreciate all the support the schools have given this Scholarship. We congratulate all the students who applied. It is always encouraging to see the quality of students in our dental hygiene programs.

As always, thank you for your support of this process.

Sue Sanzi-Schaedel, BSDH, MPH
Chair, Dennis Muir Scholarship Committee    


Oregon Health Authority is Accepting Applications for Evaluation Committees


Senate Bill 738 was passed by the Oregon State Legislature in 2011. This bill allows the Oregon Health Authority to approve Dental Pilot Projects once an application has been approved. The goal of the Dental Pilot Projects is to encourage the development of innovative practices in oral health care delivery systems with a focus on providing care to populations that evidence-based studies have shown have the highest disease rates and the least access to dental care.

Dental Pilot Projects are intended to evaluate the quality of care, access, cost, workforce, and efficacy by teaching new skills to existing categories of dental personnel; developing new categories of dental personnel; accelerating the training of existing categories of dental personnel; or teaching new oral health care roles to previously untrained persons.

The Evaluation Committee is an interdisciplinary team composed of representatives of the dental boards, professional organizations, other state regulatory bodies and interested parties that have applied to participate in evaluating a Dental Pilot Project. Each Dental Pilot Project will have a unique Evaluation Committee.

Evaluation Committee Role:
Evaluation Committee Members are tasked with reviewing progress reports and conducting site visits. Evaluation Committee members are non-paid.

Continuity of the individual members is paramount to the success of the committee in completing their assigned tasks. Members are asked to commit to the length of the project which may vary from three to five years. In the event that a Member is unable to complete the time requirements due to unforeseen circumstances, a new Member will be chosen by application.

Eligible travel expenses will be reimbursed according to State of Oregon guidelines.

Evaluation Committee Responsibilities & Rules:

  • Participation and Attendance in Evaluation Committee Annual Meeting
  • Advisement on the efficacies of training, competencies and the collection of data
  • Review and advisement of project protocols related to the ongoing assurance of patient safety
  • Participation and attendance in Site Visits. Members are requested to attend at least one Site Visit during each year of the pilot project.
  • Advisement on the evaluation of project progress reports as needed
  • Advisement on project issues, should they arise
  • Evaluation Committee members are not allowed to accept gifts, meals, lodging, etc. provided by the sponsor or on behalf of the sponsor.
  • Evaluation Committee members are not allowed to contact any staff member or sponsor outside of the confines of the Site Visits. If Evaluation Committee members have questions or concerns, they should be voiced during the Site Visit or they should contact the Dental Pilot Project Program manager to discuss their concerns.

Time Commitment:
Presently there are two separate pilot projects. Members are allowed to participate on both Evaluation Committees however please keep in mind that the minimum requirements apply to both projects, i.e you must attend a site visit for each project.
Oregon Administrative Statutes require site visits are conducted and progress reports reviewd. Specific requirements are established regarding when these are to be conducted.
Evaluation Committee members are asked to consider that a minimum of one site visit per year is required of each member. In addition, a meeting to discuss the project in detail will be held each year. 
The minimum amount of time:

  • 1 site visit
  • 1 all-day meeting annually
  • Review of materials as needed via e-mail, mail, etc.

More Information:

Full details and application here

Interested hygienists should email Sarah Kowalski of the Oregon Health Authority at [email protected]


Call to Annual Session

Oct. 15, 2015

The 2015 Oregon Dental Hygiene Conference, featuring the 64th Annual Session of the Oregon Dental Hygienists' Association (ODHA), will be held Friday-Sunday, November 13-15, 2015 at the Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel in Portland, Oregon. This is a copy of ODHA's official call to Annual Session, call for delegates and call for officers!


Call for Delegates

The component delegate count for the 2015 House of Delegates has been sent to all component leaders.  This document lists the number of delegates and alternate delegates for each component, based on the ADHA Constituent Alpha Roster dated August 15, 2015.

Delegates and alternate delegates should plan to attend the following events during the 2015 Oregon Dental Hygiene Conference:

  • 1st House of Delegates Meeting
  • ODHA Reference Committee Hearings
  • 2nd House of Delegates Meeting
  • Installation of 2015-2016 ODHA Officers

It is recommended that you also plan to attend the following meetings:

  • Leadership Development Luncheon and Professional Issues Forum
  • Oregon Dental Hygiene Celebration
  • Installation Celebration

Please send the names & email addresses of the delegates and alternate delegates for your component to Katie Bell at [email protected] by Tuesday October 20, 2015.


Call for Officers

ODHA welcomes candidates for offices from all components.  Every component is asked to encourage members to consider leadership at the state level, so our state is well represented in all actions.  

Officer positions that will be elected this year are

  • President Elect
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • One Finance Committee position
  • Two ADHA Delegates
  • Three Alternate ADHA Delegates
  • Component Trustees (see section below)

Please consider reading over the position descriptions and actively consider if you might be available to serve in the coming year. You also can put your name forward for any position at the first House of Delegates meeting. 

You do not need prior experience, just a desire to serve. ODHA is very supportive and will help those who are interested. We hope that you will seriously consider running for an open position.

If you are interested in an office please return the attached Candidate Information Form to Katie Bell at [email protected]


Call for Trustees

The ODHA bylaws state "component trustees shall be elected by their respective constituencies. Odd numbered components shall elect trustees in the odd-numbered years; even-numbered components shall elect trustees in the even-numbered years."

This year even numbered components will just need to confirm their trustee information while the odd numbered components listed below will need to elect a trustee to serve as a state officer for a two-year term.

  • Lane County
  • Portland
  • Washington County
  • Southeastern Oregon
  • Northeastern Oregon

Component trustees are a state level position.  These individuals sit on the ODHA board of trustees.  They are responsible for guiding the state association and communicating information from the state level to their respective components.

All components, please send the name and contact info (address, phone and email) to Katie Bell at [email protected]


ODHA's Transformation

ADHA/ODHA/Local Components are transforming to better serve our members.  We are building our future together!

A Brief History:
In 2009 ADHA conducted an in-depth analysis of the tripartite organization and began a restructuring to strengthen the organization. This thorough and thoughtful process has started at the national level and is now moved to the constituent (states) and local component levels.

ADHA’s guiding principles for the process are:

  • Legally, fiduciary and ethically compliant
  • Branding cohesiveness
  • States accountable to chartered components
  • States & components compliant with agreements
  • Component charged to meet criteria to continue to be chartered
  • Ensure ongoing compliance
  • Visionary perspective on future member needs
  • Connection and alignment to strategic plan
  • Leading the transformation
  • Alignment to member needs & developments in the profession
  • Ensure continuity and quality of member service and experience
  • Transition strategy that would take place over 1-3 years
  • Consideration of resource allocation on national and state level

Review the full background on ADHA’s Charter Agreements here

What Does This Mean for ODHA?
The ODHA Board of Trustees has been working hard for the past two years on the restructuring that ADHA is implementing. The BOT has dedicated extensive time and resources to managing the process so it will yield the best possible result for our full membership.

The process does require ODHA to make some changes. ODHA has to make decisions that 1- establish a structure that state organization can reasonably and consistently support based on current resources 2- best serve the majority of our membership 3- engage a greater percentage of Oregon’s dental hygienists in active membership.

As part of our new Charter Agreement with ADHA, ODHA must evaluate and make changes in the following areas:

  • Component Structure - ODHA is required to ensure that the component structure can function efficiently and effectively for all members.
  • Component Charter Agreements - ODHA must develop a charter agreement with each component and oversee all components. 

  • ODHA Governance Structure – ODHA must evaluate and determine the best governance structure for our constituent. How is the annual meeting held and what structure does it follow to best engage our members? How is the Board of Trustees structured to best represent our membership?

  • ODHA Bylaws review - ODHA will be seeking guidance from legal counsel to review our bylaws to ensure they are in support of our organizations mission and following best practices.

ODHA leadership has analyzed ODHA’s resources and membership, evaluated the opportunities and challenges with all potential structures and thoughtfully discussed what structures will best serve all of our members around the state, be sustainable, and ensure ODHA’s future success.  Based on this process, the BOT has taken the following steps:

  • Determined we do not have the resources (financial, volunteer support, etc.) to support the current number of components. Voted to reduce number of components from current number of 10.
  • Determined and voted all components will be unincorporated, with the exception of those already established incorporated status. Previously incorporated components may choose to keep status as long as they can appropriately maintain it.
  • Recommended returning to a general assembly annual meeting. 
  • Recommended a restructure of the Board of Trustees that would combine the strengths of geographic representation and specialties within dental hygiene. 

Timeline - where have we been and where are we going?
The ODHA leadership is following the steps listed below to conclude their evaluation of the above recommendations. Please participate in each of these opportunities.

July 11-12, 2015 – Two-day BOT planning session for an in-depth analysis of ODHA resources and current structure. Evaluated strengths and weaknesses of different component and governance structures.

October 24, 2015 – BOT meeting with District VII Trustee, Lancette VanGuilder present to explain rechartering purpose, process and requirements. Further evaluation of potential component and governance models.

October 30, 2015 - Received charter agreement and toolkit from ADHA.

November – 11, 2015 – Elected leaders thoroughly reviewed charter agreement requirements and compared to current Oregon operations.

November 14, 2015 – Special BOT meeting held at the Oregon Dental Hygiene Conference to review charter agreement line-by-line. BOT voted to execute charter agreement pending legal review by legal counsel in Oregon.

November 23, 2015 -  State officers participated in ADHA Education Webinar on governance implications / bylaws.

December 2015 - January 2016 – Legal counsel review of charter agreement.

December 16, 2015 - State officers participated in ADHA Education Webinar on managing component finances

January 15, 2016 - State officers participated in ADHA Education Webinar on deadlines and compliance.

January 23, 2016- Oregon executed charter agreement!

January 23 - 24, 2016- BOT meeting. All component leaders invited to attend to discuss concerns and thoughts on component structure.  Further evaluation of the governance models identified as best options for ODHA.  Evaluation and discussion of component and BOT structure.
BOT discussed how to best ensure all members are given adequate opportunity to give feedback necessary to make decisions:

  • Scheduled an all member town hall meeting to be held at the Oregon Dental Conference on Saturday, April 9, 2016
  • Determined an all-member survey would be issued and results analyzed in advance of town hall meeting.
  • Determined special online meetings will be scheduled with Component Leaders to discuss process, ask questions, openly discuss concerns and give feedback to help guide the process.
  • Drafted recommendations for Trustees to take to components for feedback.

Component Trustees and elected component leaders receive meeting reviews within one week of meetings.

February 11, 2016 - First member survey launched to gather feedback from all members.

February 17, 2016 - State officers participated in ADHA Education Webinar on Incorporated and Unincorporated Components and Compliance.

March 1, 2016 – Component leadership webinar with Portland, Mount Hood, Rogue, Northeast, Southeast and Linn-Benton Components.

March 8, 2016 – Component leadership webinar with Lane, Washington County, MPY and Central Oregon Components. 

April 9, 2016 – Member Town Hall at the Oregon Dental Conference at 1:00pm-3:00pm.

April 9, 2016 – BOT meeting to evaluate member feedback and determine next steps of process. BOT  recommends transitioning back to a general session structure and called a special session of the HOD.

April 15, 2016 - Official call to Special Session of the ODHA House of Delegates sent via email and posted online. 

May 5, 2016 - Addendum to ODHA Call to Special Session sent via email to postpone the special session for the following reasons:

  • The ODHA bylaws require any proposed bylaw revisions be distributed to delegation no less than thirty (30) days prior to the HOD meeting.  Additionally, our new charter agreement requires any bylaw revisions to be approved by ADHA. Additional time is required for bylaw revisions to be drafted and reviewed by legal counsel and ADHA.
  • An alternative date may allow more delegates to participate in the special session.
  • ODHA has the full support of ADHA in this transition and can benefit from support from the National level of our tripartite organization.

June 15, 2015 - Official call to Special Session of the ODHA House of Delegates will be sent via email and posted online.  

July 23, 2016 -   A Special Session of the ODHA House of Delegates was held.  The HOD voted to move the governance structure to a voting membership structure and adjusted the bylaws accordingly. A general session annual meeting for all members will be held at the 2016 Oregon Dental Hygiene Conference on Friday, November 11, 2016 at the Sheraton Portland Airport.  

July 23-24, 2016 - Two-day BOT planning session for an in-depth analysis and continued discussion of ODHA component boundaries and Board structure. Evaluated strengths and weaknesses of different component boundaries including major travel routes, population, membership numbers, number of licensed RDHs. and geographical barriers.  BOT approved component charter, new component boundaries and recommended a Board of Directors structure to be discussed with legal counsel.  Developed an implementation timeline.

August  - September, 2016 - Work with legal counsel to draft restated bylaws and articles, and seek advice of board structure, implementation and timelines.   

September 10, 2016 -  BOT meeting.  Approved Board of Directors structure and term limits. Discussed policies and procedures for new component structure considering requirements from ADHA and best practices, per advisors. 

September 19, 2016 - Call for leadership posted on 

September 26-29, 2016 - Executive Committee works with local component leaders and Trustees to schedules meeting in each local component area to discuss new component boundaries and answer questions.

September 29, 2016 - New component boundary announcement sent to all component leaders including dates of local component meetings. 

October 6, 2016 - Newsletter sent to all members including official call to annual meeting and call for leadership.

October 9, 2016 - BOT meeting.  BOT approved restated articles and bylaws from legal counsel, approved creation of annual awards including Member of the Year, Outstanding Achievement, Partner of the Year and Component of the Year.

October 10, 2016 -  New component boundary and bylaw announcement sent to all members. 

 How can I keep informed?

  • Read the BOT meeting reviews from your trustee following each BOT meeting
  • Read the ODHA newsletters distributed semi-monthly
  • Read ODHA emails sent from [email protected] and take action when requested
  • Regularly visit for updates
  • Like ODHA on Facebook for status updates and calls to action.

How can I make my voice heard?

  • Take the short member surveys! Each survey is designed to be short (10 questions or less).  Links are emailed to all members, included in emails and posted on socail media.
  • Attend the Member Town Hall at the Oregon Dental Conference on Saturday, April 9th at 1:00pm at the Oregon Convention Center.
  • Call or email your Trustee anytime.
  • Call or email your state Executive Officers anytime.
  • Attend the annual meeting at the Oregon Dental Hygiene Conference on November 11-13 in Portland Oregon.

Calling Component Leaders!
Component leaders are asked to work alongside elected leaders charged with making these decisions. Trustees and component elected leaders should be working closely together throughout each step of this process. Component leaders will be invited to attend portions of ODHA BOT meetings and one of our web meeting with trustees and officers. We want to work hand-in-hand with component leaders and talk about the unique needs and opportunities for our component members.


2015 Lois Whitford Memorial Scholarship

Shayla Quynh Coffman is the 2015 recipient of the Lois Whitford Memorial Scholarship! Congratulations to Shayla Quynh Coffman for "capturing the spirit of Lois" in her essay. Please join us at the 2015 Oregon Dental Health Conference to congratulate Shayla and our other ODHA leaders.

The Lois Whitford Memorial Scholarship is a scholarship that was formed in 1997 by ODHA's Professional Development Council to honor the memory of Lois Whitford. Lois was a very influential leader within Oregon Dental Hygienists' Association and the American Dental Hygienists' Association.

This scholarship is offered annually in the spring to the graduating dental hygiene students and is based on the submission of an essay selected by a committee of former students of Lois Whitford.


Oregon Board of Dentistry Temporary Rules Implemented

At its April 17, 2015 meeting, the Board approved the following temporary rules regarding adding prescriptive authority for dental hygienists back to the Dental Hygiene rules. These temporary rules are in effect now, and will remain in effect until permanent rules can be implemented. The Board is planning on having a public rulemaking hearing on permanently implementing these rules and a number of other rule changes on August 27, 2015. More information on these future proposed rule changes will be forthcoming.



The Dental Hygiene Committee of the Oregon Board of Dentistry held a meeting on March 6, 2014. One of the agenda items for this meeting was discussion regarding a request from the Oregon Dental Hygienists’ Association to allow expanded practice dental hygienists to use emergency kits that would contain prescription medications such as EpiPens.

The Dental Hygiene Committee of the Oregon Board of Dentistry recommended a rule change that would allow all dental hygienists to prescribe and use a medical emergency kit that contains EpiPens, nitroglycerin, etc. Following this discussion, the Executive Director of the Oregon Board of Dentistry requested that their Assistant Attorney General (legal counsel) provide the Oregon Board of Dentistry with legal advice on the type of authority dental hygienists have to prescribe drugs.

The Assistant Attorney General opined that the Oregon Dental Practice Act (law) does not expressly authorize dental hygienists to prescribe drugs that were otherwise allowed to be prescribed by rule. A dental hygienist can administer and dispense a drug under the supervision of a dentist. However, there is no prescriptive authority granted to dental hygienists in the law other than in ORS 680.250(3) and (5). These provisions in the Oregon Dental Practice Act do allow expanded practice dental hygienists to write prescriptions for fluoride that is applied or supplied to patients and to prescribe prophylactic antibiotics and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs as specified in their agreement with a licensed dentist.

Based on this legal opinion, the Oregon Board of Dentistry through their rule making process amended OAR 818-035-0025(5) Prohibitions and OAR 818-035-0030(f) Additional Functions of Dental Hygienists by deleting the word “prescribe” from each of these rules. This rule change means that dental hygienists cannot prescribe fluoride, fluoride varnish, antimicrobial solutions used for mouth rinsing or other non-systemic antimicrobial agents. This rule change became effective on August 1, 2014.

Expanded practice dental hygienists can continue to write prescriptions for fluoride that is applied or supplied to patients and to prescribe prophylactic antibiotics and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs as specified in their agreement with a licensed dentist because this prescription writing authority is in the law.

After this legal opinion was rendered, the Oregon Dental Hygienists’ Association (ODHA) immediately began working with the Oregon Board of Dentistry (OBD) and the Oregon Dental Association (ODA) to draft a bill that would add prescriptive authority for dental hygienists to the Oregon Dental Practice Act thereby making this part of the law.

The bill that has been drafted would add “prescribing, dispensing and administering drugs for such services” to the definition of dental hygiene in the Oregon Dental Practice Act. This bill will be considered by the 2015 Oregon State Legislature. With the support of OBD, ODA and ODHA, we anticipate that this bill will become law in 2015 and dental hygienists in Oregon will again be able to prescribe fluoride, fluoride varnish, antimicrobial solutions used for mouth rinsing or other non-systemic antimicrobial agents.


ODHA President Elect, Gail Aamodt to receive the 2014 ADHA Educator of the Year Award!

It is our great pleasure to announce that Gail Aamodt, RDH, MS, has been selected to receive the 2014 ADHA Educator of the Year Award.  This award is sponsored by the American Dental Hygienists' Association (ADHA) and Crest Oral-B.
Gail is an Associate Professor and the Clinical Education Coordinator for the School of Dental Health Science at Pacific University.
The ADHA Educator of the Year award recognizes, honors and rewards a full-time dental hygiene faculty member who contributes to and is dedicated to providing high quality education to dental hygiene students.  The recipient will characterize excellence in teaching, mentoring and/or devotion to student achievement.
As the recipient of the 2014 ADHA Educator of the Year Award, Gail will receive:
•an engraved award
•recognition in an ADHA publication
•complimentary registration for the 2014 ADHA Annual Session •air travel & two nights lodging at the 2014 ADHA Annual Session
•$1,000 cash award
Gail will be presented with the 2014 ADHA Educator of the Year Award at the awards ceremony held during the 2014 ADHA Annual Session in Las Vegas, Nevada this June.
Please join us in congratulating Gail Aamodt on being selected for this prestigious national award!