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January 2020

President's Message

Greetings ODHA Members!
I hope everyone enjoyed some time off with family and friends during this holiday season. This is a perfect time to reflect on the past year’s accomplishments and create goals for the new year. What is your vision for 2020? As your ODHA President, my goal is to lead our professional association efficiently and effectively while supporting all dental hygienists in Oregon at all stages of their career.

Thank you for your support and membership! Together, we are making a difference! With the new billing cycle, I want to encourage everyone to renew their membership. I personally love the quarterly billing option. It makes budgeting easy and renews my membership automatically.

Our components are working hard to organize upcoming community service days, fun networking events, and CE courses. Have you been thinking about getting more involved on a local level? Please check out the ODHA website to see what local events are happening in your area. Reach out to your component directors if you are interested in volunteering.

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month and we would love to see how you plan to bring awareness in your area! Send your inspiring stories and photos to Laura Vanderwerf to include in our upcoming newsletter! Every child deserves a healthy smile and a bright future. As dental hygienists, we have the opportunity to make a difference in our communities. How are you a champion of oral health in your community?

Let’s make 2020 the best year yet!

Tiffany Foy, EPDH
ODHA President

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Welcome ODHA New Board Members!

New members in BOLD: (Back row L-R) Paige Holt: South West Component Director, ADHA Delegate; Kris Johnson: North West Component Director; Kindra Manning: High Desert Component Director; Karen Hall: At-Large Director; Lori Killen Aus: Metro East Director, Lois Whitford Scholarship Chair; Brenna Chavarin (new position): Membership Director; Lisa Rowley: Advocacy Director; Sandra Miles: At-Large Director; (Front Row L-R) Laura Vanderwerf: Secretary; Kyle Johnstone: Vice President; Tiffany Foy: President; Lesley Harbison: Immediate Past President; Sandra Busch: Treasurer.

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Board Profile - Karen Hall, At-Large Director

We will be highlighting a board member each month!

Greetings fellow dental hygienists! I am so excited to join the board this year as At-Large Director. I plan to support the membership committee and the rest of the leadership team to strengthen ODHA and the dental hygiene profession in Oregon.

My career spans private practice dental hygiene, community dental hygiene, public health and dental hygiene education. I have also been providing continuing education for medical and dental providers for nearly ten years. I look forward to meeting you through component meetings, conferences and study clubs throughout the year.

The leadership team values your input to move forward the dental hygiene profession into the future.
Blessings in 2020!
Karen Hall

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Email Scam Using ODHA Leader Names

If you receive an email message that appears to be from an ODHA officer and asks you to respond immediately or asks you to purchase a gift card, these email messages are scams. ODHA would never ask you to purchase a gift card or ask for your personal contact information. Because the names of ODHA officers appear on our website, scammers will use these names to make it look like you are receiving an email message from ODHA. If you check the sender’s email address, you will see that it does not match the true email address for this person. Do not open or respond to these messages. Mark these messages as Junk and Block the Sender. Contact ODHA directly if you are not sure if an email message is legitimate.

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ODHA Past Presidents

A list of the Past Presidents for the Oregon Dental Hygienists’ Association has been added to the ODHA website. To view this list, visit the Past Presidents page on our website. Special thanks to Lori Killen Aus, Tina Clarke and Lisa Rowley for their help in compiling this list!

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ADHA Annual Conference

Registration starts January 15, 2020!

Your ODHA Delegates:

  • Laura Vanderwerf, Chair
  • Kyle Johnstone
  • Paige Holt


  • Tiffany Foy
  • Jennifer Lusk
  • Brandy Cowen

Look for more information on who will be representing Oregon in a future newsletter issue!

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ADHA Membership

Did you renew your ADHA membership?

ADHA has moved to a single billing cycle that goes from January 1 to December 31. If paying your membership dues in December is difficult, consider moving to ADHA’s quarterly payment plan. Go to your ADHA Membership page now for more information & to renew your membership in ADHA. We are stronger together!

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ODHA Facebook page

Have you liked or followed our Oregon Dental Hygienists' Association Facebook page? We are working toward moving all our component pages to our state association page - so we can house all events and information in one place.

Give us a "like" today - so that you can continue to follow the important news and activities from your association!

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Oregon Board of Dentistry News


At the beginning of each year, the Oregon Board of Dentistry asks ODHA to submit the names of dental hygienists who will represent ODHA on standing committees of the board. ODHA has a representative on each of the following standing committees:

  • Communications
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Enforcement & Discipline
  • Licensing, Standards & Competency
  • Rules Oversight.

Standing committees of the Oregon Board of Dentistry meet to discuss issues that are referred to them and then make recommendations to the board. Standing committees may or may not meet throughout the year. Representatives to these standing committees serve for one year, from April to March, and may be reappointed. ODHA representatives to these standing committees are appointed by the ODHA President with approval of the ODHA Board of Directors. This is a volunteer position with no remuneration and no reimbursement for expenses.

If you are interested in representing ODHA on a standing committee of the Oregon Board of Dentistry this year, please complete this form and email it to ODHA Advocacy Director Lisa J. Rowley by January 15.


The Oregon Board of Dentistry will meet on Friday, February 21, 2020 at the board office located at 1500 SW 1st Avenue, Suite 770, Portland, OR  97201. The open session of this board meeting is scheduled for 7:30-9:30 AM. Anyone may attend this portion of the board meeting. The agenda and public packet for this board meeting will be posted approximately one week before the meeting on the board website. Scroll down to About Us and click on Meetings. The public packet is usually more than 500 pages in length. We recommend that you review this document online, and only print pages if you need them. If you would like to attend the open session of this or any future board meeting, please contact ODHA Advocacy Director Lisa J. Rowley for more information. Upcoming 2020 Oregon Board of Dentistry meetings will be held on April 24, June 19, August 21, October 30 and December 18.


The Oregon Board of Dentistry (OBD) interprets and enforces the Oregon Dental Practice Act, and adopts administrative rules (OARs) to further interpret the Oregon Dental Practice Act. The OBD adopted several administrative rule changes in 2019 that become effective January 1, 2020. The OBD did not adopt a new rule about automated external defibrillators (AEDs) due to public comments that they received from ODHA & expanded practice dental hygienists (see story below). The following changes may be of particular interest to dental hygienists. To view all administrative rule changes, go here.

  • BLS for Healthcare Providers– This new rule provides a definition of BLS for Healthcare Providers that indicates initial CPR certification must be hands-on and not online, and that online CPR certification will be accepted for license renewal. (OAR 818-001-0002)
  • Continuing Education – New language was added to this existing rule to require two hours of continuing education related to cultural competency.(OAR 818-021-0070)

Please contact ODHA Advocacy Director Lisa J. Rowley for questions or more information.


One of the new administrative rules proposed by the Oregon Board of Dentistry in 2019 would have listed failure to have an automated external defibrillator (AED) under Unprofessional Conduct. ODHA supports the availability of AEDs in dental settings, but the wording of the rule would have treated expanded practice dental hygienists differently from dentists. During the public comment period for the new rules, the Oregon Board of Dentistry received written testimony from ODHA, Exceptional Needs Dental Services (ENDS), Capitol Dental Care and 6 expanded practice dental hygienists. At their October 2019 board meeting the members of the board carefully considered this written testimony and then decided not to adopt this new rule. Special thanks to the following expanded practice dental hygienists who submitted written testimony on this issue: Lori Aus, Ilya Babiy, Lesley Harbison, Kyle Issacs, Pamela Lynch, and Ann Ossinger. Your testimony made a difference!

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2020 Oregon Legislative Session

The Oregon Legislature meets for a maximum of 160 days in odd numbered years (long session) and for a maximum of 35 days in even numbered years (short session). The 2020 Oregon Legislative Assembly will be in session for the purpose of lawmaking February 3, 2020 through March 7, 2020. Click on the following links to see How an Idea Becomes Law and A Guide to Reading a Legislative Measure. ODHA will monitor and comment on bills related to dentistry throughout the 2020 Oregon Legislative Session.

Please contact ODHA Advocacy Director Lisa J. Rowley for questions, more information, or comments about ODHA Advocacy issues, and if you would like to become involved in ODHA Advocacy activities!

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Component News and Events

Want to know what CE courses or events are coming up in your area? Visit: for information or to register for component and state events!

ODHA Annual Conference Component Meetings

Each Year, ODHA holds component meetings during our Annual Conference. Each component uses this time to discuss future CE events, meetings, volunteer opportunities, and openings for chair and secretary. Food was provided during the meetings and it was fantastic!

North West Component

Metro East Component

High Desert Component

South West Component


High Desert Component

High Desert has a course on Nutrition coming up on February 13 titled “Nutrition effects on health and quality of life- It’s true you are what you eat.” 

We are planning a meeting on January 9 to discuss the details of the February CE, planning the May 16 CE event and finding a member to fill the open Chair position in the High Desert Component. Members are welcome to attend. It will be held at the Starbucks, 61470 S Hwy 97 Suite T-8, Bend, OR 97702 at 6:00 pm.

Metro East Component

A kick-off event is being planned on Saturday, Feb 1, 2020 to begin our focus on Prevention. Jean Creasey RDH, DMD, will come to Oregon to present a 3-hour CE entitled:  Focus on Caries Prevention; Updates in Cariology, Documentation and Minimally Invasive Interventions.

This course will be appropriate for the entire dental team. Topics will include: 

  • CAMBRA philosophy
  • Latest in science of cariology
  • Documentation (EDR)
  • ADA clinical guidelines
  • MI updates
  • CDT coding
  • New interventions coming our way

This event will be from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm with brunch served. Watch for details on location and registration.

On March 4, 2020 at 6:30, Jeanna Hunt RRT, MHA will give a CE on the role of Respiratory Therapists, and the ways oral health can impact respiratory illnesses. This will round out our focus on Inter-professional topics, and at the same time be in line with our current Prevention focus. Watch for details on location.

Students Help at Compassion Clinic

Metro East component was involved in the Compassion clinic on Dec 7, 2019. There were 15 student volunteers and 5 RDH's. This is a wonderful way for students to work outside the classroom, see interesting cases and develop techniques necessary to provide preventative oral health care to the underserved.

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ODHA Membership Includes:

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