North West Component

Component Member Counties

Clatsop, Columbia, Tillamook, Washington, Yamhill, Polk, & Marion

Dental Hygiene Program within North West Component

Pacific University, Forest Grove
Oregon Institute of Technology, Salem

We would love to hear from our members!

Email Us: [email protected]

Component Leadership

Director: DeAnn Dardis
Chair: Kira Milan

Component Leadership Goals

Our goals in the NW Component include establishing a supportive and fun presence in our counties for hygienists to connect and support each other and the underserved. We do this by encouraging and supporting each other in our professional development and personal growth through continuing education opportunities, volunteerism, curiosity and adventure. We focus on gratitude for the privileges our association has afforded us in Oregon as practicing dental hygienists and continue to strive to stand up for our abilities to continue to be trusted and competent providers for our patients and communities. We embrace diversity and growth. We support and encourage our current student population and hope to inspire and mentor their growth professionally and personally as our future colleagues. 




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